Thursday, 2 December 2010

20% off at Jewellery by Vanya

I have already decided on a new year’s resolution to carry out next year - Blog more regularly!

That aside, I have a little discount offer for you.  Originally this was going to be a ‘moving into my new studio’ special offer but it seems that installing the internet is a lengthy process at the moment so I won’t be in properly till the New Year.  I have moved in as much as I can and am using it to make and package orders, while the computer side of things is done at home.

Here are a few sneaky shots of some pretty things I have in there, so this can be a ‘I’m half moved into my new studio’ special offer.

To claim your 20% off  any Jewellery by Vanya purchase just enter NEWSTUDIO at checkout.  It's valid until 10am Friday 3rd December.  

Hope it helps a bit with your Christmas shopping.


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