Thursday, 24 February 2011

15% Holiday Discount Code

Well yes I am off to Costa Rica tomorrow-for two whole weeks!!!.  I will try and bring the sun home with me but in the meantime, please accept this discount code as a little treat while I am away.  All orders will be processed week beginning 14th March.

To claim your 15% off, just enter HOLIDAY at checkout!  Offer ends 12th March.

Like I said before I will be facebookingtweeting and blogging (every now and then) so check back soon.

Till then....

...have a brilliant few days.

Ps the image at the top is of some new 'pretty' clothes I am taking, the rest of my luggage is boring but practical old shorts and t shirts.  Must get back to packing now.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Have a Look... P.S, it's Jade ...

Hi, so this is my first blog for Vanya and I am hoping you will enjoy it, just as much as we all do her posts.

After our inspirational brainstorming session last week, Vanya and I came up with a few images we both really liked the look of. From these images I had a few ideas, along with the ideas I had already spoken to Vanya about, and we discovered that we both had similar thoughts about how the lookbook should be, wanting to use a mixture of textures, contrasting materials and off centre compositions.

I decided that the best bet was to get out the camera and do a few test shots to see if my ideas worked. Here's a few of them, let me know what you think...

Also Vanya is off on holiday!!! Lucky lady!!! I designed the little tag letting you know when she is away, hope you like it. Have a lovely holiday Vanya!!

Jade xx

Friday, 18 February 2011

I'm off on holiday!!!

PenĂ­nsula de Osa & Golfo Dulce via Lonely Planet

To Costa Rica where I will hopefully learn to surf (ish), learn some yoga, read lots and relax in the sun.

I'll be away from 25th Februrary - 11th March so if you’d like to purchase anything before I go, please order by midnight Tuesday 22nd to ensure delivery by Friday.  

The shop will still be open for you and I will be checking emails when I can so please feel free to contact me.  I’ll also try and upload some photos and do a couple of blog posts too so check back soon.


Lookbook Brainstorm Session

Something I'd really love to achieve this year is creating a lookbook for Jewellery by Vanya.  Jade and I went through all of my inspiration files on my computer on Tuesday and selected a few images to get us started with brainstorming.  These are just a few.

I'm really sorry I don't have any credits for these, if you know, please tell me so I can amend.

We really loved the idea of playing with contrasts, mixing feminine and masculine, using different textures and composing 'off centre/non obvious' shots.  My studio wall is filling up fast with tear-outs and print-outs (risking not getting back my deposit by ruining the wallpaper!!). I'll keep you posted on it's progress.

If you have any ideas or are creating a lookbook of your own (or something similar) I'd love to hear about it.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Meet Jade...

...She's my new intern who started yesterday.   Among many other things she helped package lots of orders, some of you will have cards signed by her so I thought an introduction should be arranged.

Thanks for all your help yesterday Jade, see you next week!!

Ps. I had a quick play around on Picnik to turn Jade's photo into a polaroid.  It's been ages since I've used it and there are loads of new features available.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Books to be Inspired by

I was in Covent Garden on Friday buying jewellery making supplies so I popped into Magma.  Nearly an hour later and two new books in my arms I left feeling happy and inspired.

The first book is exactly what I've been after, Paper & Cloth:Ready-to-Use Background Patterns is basically a CD (and book showing whats what) full of, well, ready to use background patterns.  Choose from paper, label, tape, and lace files (among many others) to layer up collage stylee.  Hopefully you may see my efforts in the near future!

The second was a bit of a naughty purchase really as it has nothing to do with work and I should be saving my pennies for my upcoming holiday (more of that in another post).  I am addicted to books about interior decoration/style, as I live in a shared flat all I can do is dream at the moment but anyways, this is a goodun.  Milk Deco no. 4 is from the people behind the cult French magazine.  This latest issue is full of stylish family homes from around the world mixing materials, colours and eras creating the homey, lived in vibe that I really love.

Happy Valentine's Day by the way.  If you celebrate the day (I know lots of couples don't these days-including my boyfriend and I) I hope it's been a good one.  I had a lot of male customers last week so to those of you who opened Jewellery by Vanya gifts today-I hope you like them!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For Your Listening Pleasure

Just a quicky.  Been listening to these songs today...a lot.

Birdy - Skinny Love (cover of the Bon Iver track) 
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Feeling a bit Bleeuuurrggghh!

I was sat in bed on Sunday night working out my plans for the week and felt inspired to start this blog up again (properly).  The idea for my first post was to re-cap on what's been happening in my life lately (work and personal) and share future plans.  I wanted to create a lovely looking page/moodboard type thing.

I had planned to do it yesterday but I overestimated all the other things I had to do so it got knocked onto todays list.  I happily walked to work in the sunshine this morning, looking forward to my day, then I got some dissapointing news. It's nothing bad, just work stuff but it knocked me off my stride so the last two hours has been spent trying to present my recent and forthcoming events in a pretty way and I just cannot do it.  Everything looks horrible to me so I gave up and wrote out a list on my white board instead.

I really enjoyed writing this blog when I first started it and would love to get back into it but I find that it takes up a lot of time and so much other stuff has to come first.  You will see from the list that I have an intern starting with me soon.  It's only for one day a week but I'm looking forward to having a helping hand, hopefully it will free up some of my time (which I can then dedicate to blogging).

Ok rant over, I'm sure I'll feel better soon.  I just didn't want this morning to be a complete waste.  To those of you that run shops and blogs I'd love to have a look...

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