Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Push PR Press Day...

Hello everyone, it's Jade, just thought I would pop by and let you know what's been going on in the studio lately...

So last week, in preperation for today, Vanya had organised a selection of her jewellery into 3 catergories ready for the A/W 11 press day: Garden Party, Hippie Luxe and Boudoir.
Then when I came in last tuesday we played around with how we could set up the jewellery, using props like vintage trinkets and frames Vanya has collected over time.

Boudoir Set-up

Garden Party Set-up
Hippie Luxe Set-up (AW 11 Collection, Coming Soon)
We took these photographs, which we sent along with the props to Push Pr, ready for them to set-up this morning. Our plan was that it would not only make it easier for the girls at Push Pr, but also ensure that the vision we wanted to portray was correctly communicated.

When we got to The Soho Hotel, where the press day was being held, a nice gentleman let us in and directed us downstairs to the room in which the Push Pr team were all set up. Not only was the room gorgeous, with modern colourful wallpaper and huge paintings scattered on the walls, but you walk into a girls dream, with tables of neatly set out jewellery, shoes, bags and rails of gorgeous clothes.

We instantly spotted the Jewellery by Vanya set-up, which was the first stop on our journey through the themes Push Pr had cleverly catergorised.

The Garden Party...
Beautifully layed out on a table of other garden party goodies, such as fruit punch and cakes, Jewellery by Vanya's set-up stood out and looked both delicate and pretty, perfect for any garden party in the sun...

 The lovely table layout for The Garden Party section.
The Jewellery by Vanya set-up within the Garden Party section.

As we carried on round the room we soon came to the second section and second set-up Vanya and I had practised the week before.

Hippie Luxe...
Again beautifully displayed, among a number of other brands, alongside shoes and other jewellery, on a gorgeous darkwood table, there sat the Jewellery by Vanya set-up we had so proudly photographed for the Push Pr girls to immitate, and what a lovely job they had done!

 The awesome Hippie Luxe table set-up.
The Jewellery by Vanya Hippie Luxe set-up.

These gorgeous items are sneak peeks from the up and coming AW 11 collection, and will be available to buy on the website after summer.

After anther short wonder we soon found ourselves in the second press room, home to the gorgoues Bridal Boudoir section. Here we found the third and final Jewellery by Vanya set-up, which stood proudly in a corner, almost alone, which gave it the space it needed to shine...

The lovely Boudoir Jewellery by Vanya set-up. 

Both myself and Vanya were really pleased with the way we had planned the set-ups, and how the Push Pr girls had then put them together for the press day! Hopefully there will be lots of fab feedback from Push Pr.
Keep your eyes peeled for another post soon letting you know...

But what do you think?? 

Jade xx
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