Monday, 18 June 2012

In my absence I got married

Hello, I'm still here...

...and I was thinking earlier how I should be letting you know that.

I have gotten married in the time I've been away, yes I now have a husband and I am somebody's wife.  People have been asking me if married life is any different and I have been answering no, thinking about the practical side of things, but actually it does feel different.  Colin and I had a secure relationship before we got engaged and loved and respected each other very much, but the commitment we made on our wedding day kind of charged those feelings up even more.  I spent the day in a bit of a weird daze to be honest (did that happen to anyone else on their wedding day) but it was lovely.  We, pretty much, had the exact day we hoped for.

So anyway, wedding prep took me away from Jewellery by Vanya for quite a while, sorry about that.  But I have been doing behind the scenes stuff.  I have compiled an up to date wholesale catalogue to send out to prospective buyers so if you have a shop and would like to stock my jewellery (or know of anyone that might) please get in touch on

I also must address the fact that there have been no new items for sale in the shop lately.  Moving to the coast has put me into a whole new (slower) pace of life, which is what we wanted.  We wanted to live by the sea and prepare a life ready for raising a family, but until actual babies come along, my business is my baby and I miss raising it in London.  It's not dull here, there's plenty going on, but I find it hard to be inspired like I was there.  I was spoiled by having a studio (and living) in central London.  If I was in need of a boost I would easily walk to the buzz of Soho, park my bum firmly with a good coffee and spy on fashionable types.  I had countless shops to browse the latest collections, book shops galore, galleries, all sorts, I had everything I needed really (for the business).  I miss meeting my customers at the market every week and being inspired by them, surrounded by hungover, but still great looking East Londoners!!

In truth, I haven't created anything new because I haven't been inspired to.  I still have a great love for jewellery, not only the way it can transform an outfit but the way it offers sentiment, the way pieces of jewellery are miniature works of art.  Last year I asked you all to kindly fill out a survey and the results from that were interesting.  Based on that, I have been cooking up plans for a new jewellery line which I am really excited about.  The beginnings seem to be less fashion jewellery and more keepsake jewellery which is perhaps led by my new surroundings.

 So there, I wanted you to know what was going on because I value your support so much and I felt it was unfair of me to be absent for so long without explaining.  I hope you understand.  This isn't me ending Jewellery by Vanya by the way, the shop is still open and I have a growing list of stockists. Bee from Elementry Lamps also sells a wide range of JbV at the Sunday Upmarket every weekend.  She's on the raised level, just look out for the bright light shades.

If you've managed to get to the end of this post, thank you for reading.  I know I've waffled on a bit! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Vanya xxx
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