Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Display Idea

Morning/afternoon/evening all!!

I recently decided I was bored with my market stall display so have been working on some changes.  One thing I would love to do is make a ‘photo wall’ with images of you lovely lot wearing Jewellery by Vanya.  It will act as inspiration for future customers stopping by the stall as well as looking visually amazing!

So I would LOVE for you to send me any photos of you in my jewels, it would be great if you could upload them to my facebook page (by clicking on ‘photo’ in the share toolbar) but if you are a little shy you can send them to me at

There is, of course, a treat in it for your trouble.  Those that post/send a pic will receive a personal 40% off discount code to use on anything in the shop!!!!!!

Can’t wait to see you.


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