Friday, 18 March 2011

A Few Holiday Snaps

I have about a million photo's but these are a few to go with this post as I wasn't able to upload them while I was in Costa Rica.

 Colin's photography skills so a bit blurry :)

 This was our daily walk to the beach, you can just about see the sea through the trees!

 So many stray dogs, they loved to play and frolic in the water as much as the humans did.

Colin ended up practising Surfing more than me, he got quite good too.

Daily smoothie.

Holiday blues have set in a little bit now, please hurry up Summer (she says looking outside to the rain)!!!  

We were very lucky to have such an amazing holiday in this current financial climate and we used it to properly wind down and reflect.  Costa Rica showed us a more relaxed way of life which we want to try and achieve in our own lives, some changes will be big, some small but I am very much looking forward to the next chapter.


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  1. Ahh I love this post!!!! And i love your purple dress!!!! (jealous) hehe
    Can't wait to get back in the studio!!! :D xx


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