Wednesday, 20 July 2011

wedding post number one - inspiration

It's been almost three weeks since I was asked to be a wife and a little less since a wedding inspiration folder was created on my computer.  It's filling up fast so wanted to share some initial thoughts.  This is how we would like the day to go... all of our lovely family and friends of course, and music, and food!  Relaxed and informal are the buzz words for the day, we will become husband and wife and celebrate it with the people we love.  No fuss, no frills.

Has anyone else had/been to/have links to any weddings like this?  Does anyone know of farms/fields/barns/woods for hire, either in Dorset or the Gloucester-Worcester area?  It doesn't have to be licenced as we can do the legal bit before hand.

sources: once wed, wellies and vogue, junkaholique, rosie parsons, sorry there are a couple more that I've forgotten, please let me know if you recognise anything and I'll add the credit.



  1. This is soooo lovely! what a perfect way to spend your day!!!! :D xxx

  2. When you are trying to plan a wedding which has a cohesive feeling, it can be great to lay everything out in one place. Besides, while you are looking at wedding websites online, you are sure to run across tons of gorgeous details that take your breath away, and it is nice to have them all together.


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