Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wedding Invitations

Since setting the date and feeling the relief that it is actually happening, we have not done another thing wedding related.  I have been focusing on work a lot as it's coming up to the busiest time of the year but this morning I decided I really ought to think about the invitations.

Here are a few favourites from around the web:

via ruffled (this wedding has such a beautiful setting)

via rifle paper co. (love love love the two on the far right)

As you can see I'm drawn to the vintagey, floral, hand-crafted, colourful, informal and fun kind of designs.  This will be the vibe of our wedding so hopefully I can create something (I'm making/designing them myself) inspired by the above to represent the day.

Any brides or grooms out there want to share their invitations with me?  Did you make them yourself?


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