Monday, 5 March 2012



Morning; thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been up to lately.  The last few months have been a bit all over the place as so much has been going on so ‘routine’ hasn’t been part of my vocabulary.  Not that I really like too much of a routine but it helps me get things in order sometimes.  This sunny morning began with a run on the beach and now I’m finally updating my blog.  Yay me!!

So I/we’ve
1 spent our last winter in London, a very busy one it was too
2 finished trading at the Sunday Upmarket :(
3 moved from London to Bournemouth, we live a 5 minute walk from this beautiful beach
4 spent lots of time with family and friends 
5 charity shopped our hearts out finding amazing furniture for our first proper home together (Colin and I lived in a shared flat in London)

6 found bargain artwork for our walls in said charity shops
7 discovered some great places to go for coffee and cake

8 collected fabric for our wedding
9 started making my wedding dress with mum
10 learnt to cook a few more yummy dinners (if I do say so myself)

 11 been making exciting plans for my jewellery line and working on a few new ideas
12 bought bikes and gone for a couple of bike rides
13 turned 30!!! (still not faced up to that one)

14 collected a variety of vases/containers for flowers at our wedding

15 collected pretty plates, just because they’re pretty.

There’s probably a lot more I’ve forgotten but hopefully I’ll be back here more regularly to fill you in (if you’re even that interested).  I hope you've had a good couple of months, spring is on its way, can’t wait!!


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