Sunday, 18 April 2010

A lovely relaxing weekend

Well apart from the bike ride, I managed to achieve everything I was inspired to do in my last post.  As I find it hard to take time off work sometimes, I promised myself I would RELAX this weekend, and that I did.  

The picture was taken in Regents Park on Saturday afternoon (look at the beautiful blue sky) where I read, walked, dozed and drank coffee.  I also managed to fit in cutting my boyfriend's hair, eating lots of nice food and meeting a friend for some lovely wine!

Now I feel more refreshed and motivated for the week ahead.  I really must learn from this.
How did you enjoy your weekend?

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  1. I have a hundred photos of the park this weekend - so lovely to finally be out pinicking!

    Not sure if you're interested but the Crystal Palace Festival is being held at the end of May - I know they have lots of stalls selling crafty/ thrifty/ vintagey things like yours. I know this blog: - are holding a little craft fayre as part of it.

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xx


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