Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Have a Look... P.S, it's Jade ...

Hi, so this is my first blog for Vanya and I am hoping you will enjoy it, just as much as we all do her posts.

After our inspirational brainstorming session last week, Vanya and I came up with a few images we both really liked the look of. From these images I had a few ideas, along with the ideas I had already spoken to Vanya about, and we discovered that we both had similar thoughts about how the lookbook should be, wanting to use a mixture of textures, contrasting materials and off centre compositions.

I decided that the best bet was to get out the camera and do a few test shots to see if my ideas worked. Here's a few of them, let me know what you think...

Also Vanya is off on holiday!!! Lucky lady!!! I designed the little tag letting you know when she is away, hope you like it. Have a lovely holiday Vanya!!

Jade xx


  1. Looks great, some good ideas!
    Have you got a photographer to do the final lookbook?

  2. Hi caity.
    Thank you :)
    No not at the moment, because the current
    Ideas are based around a collaboration between
    Vanya and myself, and on my part it is a final major
    University project, so I have not arranged a
    Photographer yet :)

    Jade x

  3. Hi :)
    Thanks for your reply!
    I am a photography graduate and would be happy to off my services should you need a photographer
    my email address is:
    I am happy to send over my CV and any examples of my work if you are interested.
    Thanks for your time
    Caity x

  4. Take a look at my blog :)


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