Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Feeling a bit Bleeuuurrggghh!

I was sat in bed on Sunday night working out my plans for the week and felt inspired to start this blog up again (properly).  The idea for my first post was to re-cap on what's been happening in my life lately (work and personal) and share future plans.  I wanted to create a lovely looking page/moodboard type thing.

I had planned to do it yesterday but I overestimated all the other things I had to do so it got knocked onto todays list.  I happily walked to work in the sunshine this morning, looking forward to my day, then I got some dissapointing news. It's nothing bad, just work stuff but it knocked me off my stride so the last two hours has been spent trying to present my recent and forthcoming events in a pretty way and I just cannot do it.  Everything looks horrible to me so I gave up and wrote out a list on my white board instead.

I really enjoyed writing this blog when I first started it and would love to get back into it but I find that it takes up a lot of time and so much other stuff has to come first.  You will see from the list that I have an intern starting with me soon.  It's only for one day a week but I'm looking forward to having a helping hand, hopefully it will free up some of my time (which I can then dedicate to blogging).

Ok rant over, I'm sure I'll feel better soon.  I just didn't want this morning to be a complete waste.  To those of you that run shops and blogs I'd love to have a look...


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