Monday, 15 March 2010

how do you display your jewellery?

The other day I told you about an event coming up where I will be selling my jewellery.  It's called Tik Tac Toe and will be at Carnivale in Whitechapel, East London on 3rd April.  It's my first ever stall so it would be great to have some friendly faces come by. 

This will be the first event that will hopefully continue on a monthly basis and will be a whole day into evening thing with an acoustic band in the afternoon along with market stalls, cakes, tea, food, board games etc and then a headline act in the evening along with happy hour, and Djs.  The stalls will be open from 2-6pm.

As it's my first time, I have been collecting inspiration from other displays.  I'd like to go with something a bit vintagey looking with natural fabrics and woods to compliment my jewels.  I love Anthropologie's visual design so will be making a visit this week, I'm hoping they might let me take some photos to share with you too.

Here are a few images that will hopefully show my thought process.


Source unknown (sorry, big blogger no-no)  If anyone can let me know where this came from I will change it.

I also really love this stall.  It would be amazing to have a space like that and make it into a mini room complete with lamps and pictures framed on the wall.  It's so effective.


  1. Sounds like a perfect venue to showcase your beautiful work..good luck!

  2. I am moving to London next week so maybe I can stop by if we're all settled and unpacked!

    I would suggest pinning brooches to a lamp with a fabric shade, vintage tea-cups for bracelets and cake stands to add height to your display.

    Charlotte xx


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