Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Treat Yourself

At long last I have finished my packaging design.  It's taken so long because I wanted to try and get my business cards made for me but I haven't been able to find a printers that can do what I want (problems with inkjet, lazer and thickness of cardstock).

Anyway, it is ever so slightly time consuming but completely worth it in my opinion.  I hope it makes recieving a package from me an extra special treat.  

First of all I use recycled kraft boxes and line the lid with an image of 1970s floral wallpaper (top image).  I then hook the item onto a card stamped with my logo and tie cream ribbon around it (i'm afraid the ribbon in the picture is white as i'm waiting for supplies).

I then place the box, along with a business and thankyou card into a canvas bag made from vintage curtain fabric.

Pull the drawstring and voila, popped into a jiffy bag and a pretty package is on it's way to you.

I hope you like it, I really wanted to present my jewellery in a luxurious and special way that reflected my work and wasn't too wasteful.  You can re-use everything except the thankyou card as it will have my 'not so great' handwriting on it.   

If you would like to see more images, close-ups and descriptions you can visit my flickr page and any feedback or comments will be most welcome.


  1. Gorgeous! You can really tell you take pride in your work. So glad I found your blog!


  2. Great start on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing ;) Your photos are beautiful! I love the vintage quality and the unique frame you created for them. Your packaging is gorgeous, as well. Good luck and happy selling!

    Lauren: Mixie Studio

  3. it's delicious and very exquisite! very good taste <3


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