Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring Attire

Isn't polyvore slightly addictive? I admit i'm no way near as good at putting 'sets' together as some people but I was reasonably pleased with my first attempts.  As I sit here listening to the [500] Days of Summer soundtrack (I saw the film a couple of nights ago), I can see bits of blue sky and sunshine emerging through the clouds.  Now we just need the warmth to go with it and I can wear outfits like these.  Come on Spring, you're nearly there!! 


Only the first two are by me (you might be able to tell).  The last one is from EvaDonohoe who has about a million sets to her name.  

Must go now, I have been invited to sell my jewellery at an event in East London (details to follow soon) so I need to go and be

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